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Donny Crandell

As a Professional Speaker, Donny knows how to inspire, entertain and equip an audience of one or one-thousand. His theme throughout all of his presentations is A POSITIVE FOCUS. As a keynote speaker he will inspire you by focusing on 'turning negatives into positives.' As an author, his books will encourage you with positive ideas and uplifting truth. As a professional magician, his close-up stage magic will leave you smiling and feeling positively entertained. As a professional trainer, he will equip you with the skills to have A POSITIVE FOCUS in every area of life. Inspiring, entertaining and equipping others with A POSITIVE FOCUS, is the benchmark of Donny's success as a professional speaker.

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A Positive Focus - Donny Crandell
3830 Avocet Court
Reno, Nevada 89508
(209) 324-4904

"Donny is a gifted communicator who graciously transforms our students into more effective, vibrant communicators."

John McKendricks, Executive Director

Multnomah University: Reno-Tahoe

"Donny, I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts in an amazing speech. After the meeting, many came up to me and said, that they were motivated by what you shared and truly enjoyed having you speak at our club"

Eleanor, Reno Downtowners Toastmasters Club

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