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You Are What You Focus On

Focus on the positive and

you will find it in everything

"The art of turning negatives into positives

can transform your life and change the world"

Learn the POWER of a positive focus

Develop the STRATEGIES for a positive focus

Inspire and TRAIN others with a positive focus


All of us have met someone with such a positive energy and outlook that we wanted to

hang out with them all the time. Their positive attitude, energy and lifestyle was

magnetic and attractive. Why not become that kind of person yourself. The world is

hungry for a person like you to model how to turn negatives into positive by

mastering a POSITIVE FOCUS.

Keynotes & Trainings

As one of the top ten speakers in the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2016, Donny is masterful at engaging, inspiring, entertaining and equipping any sized audience. His theme of

  A POSITIVE FOCUS is useful for keynotes, trainings, workshops, retreats, conferences, and special events. If its a forty-five minute keynote address or a full weekend of training, you will leave inspired, entertained and equipped with A POSITIVE FOCUS.


Books & Resources

As an author, Donny's positive focus has inspired the books that he's written. Here's an example from his book entitled, "Overcoming Fear", "We live in a world that is paralyzed by fears and phobias. Thankfully, we have an example of how to overcome our fear and defeat our giants because of a shepherd boy named David. When everybody else was running from their giant in fear, David utilized successful strategies to face fear and overcome the giant." David knew the secret - A POSITIVE FOCUS.


Performing magic with his professional speaking presentations makes Donny one of the most unique and popular speakers. Donny has performed motivational magic for hundreds of school assemblies and libraries throughout the country, even in South America. He relates to children, senior adults and all ages in between through close-up and stage magic. Donny has also performed on cruise ships, businesses, churches, military institutions and many private parties.

"I am continually amazed by Donny's ability to connect with a wide variety of audience members through the use of humor and personal stories. Every time I watch his presentations, even those I have heard several times, I learn something new. I always walk away with a big smile on my face and a great lesson in my heart!"

Sondra Nunez, DTM

2016-2017 District 39 Director

Toastmasters International

© 2018 Donny Crandell - A Positive Focus

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